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Asbestos Litigation Defense Firm

After decades of lawsuits, asbestos litigation is now the longest-running and most expensive mass tort in U.S. history. Companies associated with the manufacture, sale, or use of asbestos products have paid billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. Many once-thriving businesses were forced into bankruptcy due to these crippling payouts.

MacDonald Law Group, LLC, represents businesses of all sizes, from smaller, regional Mid-Atlantic businesses to Fortune 500 companies, in asbestos litigation matters. The firm's experienced attorneys are prepared to represent manufacturers, employers, and other businesses that are facing a potentially expensive mass tort lawsuit related to alleged liability over asbestos exposure.

The Complexities Of Asbestos Litigation

Asbestos litigation is complex because it usually revolves around exposures that occurred decades earlier. Mesothelioma, the disease most commonly associated with asbestos exposure, usually develops years after an individual last handled asbestos. In addition, there frequently are multiple parties involved, such as the company that made the product, the company who supplied it, and the company who installed or removed the asbestos products. The burden of proof is on the plaintiffs to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendants are at least partly responsible.

The defense lawyers of MacDonald Law Group, LLC, have substantial experience in asbestos litigation, combined with the high level of service a small law firm provides. Lead attorney Neil J. MacDonald has practiced defense litigation since 1991 and has brought hundreds of cases to trial.

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