Maximizing efforts to minimize allegations

Virtually every company faces liability litigation at some point because no one can anticipate an unpredictable problem. But what if there were a technology available that would allow businesses to predict the unpredictable?

Everyone in the construction and building management industries knows that small issues can escalate quickly into widespread problems. However, in some instances, there are steps you can take before such problems transpire. There is a new technology in development that will allow companies to control their possible liabilities before they become a problem.

How artificial intelligence could help prevent lawsuits

Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers are developing technology that would allow firms to detect potential health and safety issues during the construction phase. The Pillar device is designed to gather data for the predictive analysis of temperature and moisture. When collected and analyzed properly this technology could alert you to possible problems before they start.

Consider a recent lawsuit involving over 400 displaced renters in Columbia, South Carolina. These tenants allege that their home was subject to several health violations, including:

  • Problems with mold
  • Bug infestations
  • Sewage issues

If true, such problems could become extremely costly for the building owner or construction firm. However, had AI tools – such as the Pillar – been available, the underlying circumstances that led to these problems could have been fixed before they ever became a legal concern.

The future of protecting your interests

Devices like this could predict a pipe’s burst and potential flooding. Or, it may help prevent fires. And, at some point, similar technologies may help your company defend against allegations of dangerous mold problems through statistical analysis. However, even with the help of the best AI, protecting your company from liability will always require a legal team with experience and savvy. 

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